From September 2005 to June 2006 a team of thirteen scholars at the The University of Southern California's Annenberg Center for Communication explored how new and maturing networking technologies are transforming the way in which we interact with content, media sources, other individuals and groups, and the world that surrounds us.

This site documents the process and the results.

future shock

These future mashups were produced by netpublics.

Written by Wally Baer, Francois Bar, Fernando Ordonez, and Shahram Ghandeharizadeh, with help from Aram Sinnreich.

Narration and production by Todd Richmond

Music used: "The Pump" by Jeff Beck (TCNO), "Freeway Jam" by Jeff Beck and Jan Hammer (Automata), and "Sleepwalker" by Flim and the BBs (Neutralnet).

Images used: grabbed from the web. We plead fair use.

Comments welcome and encouraged.

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