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what hath the pod wrought?

Quite a day for iPod/vPod-related announcements...and its not even 10am yet (well, PST). Among them:

It's a Mod, Mod World: Podcasting has been called the ultimate in personalized media, since most podcasts are produced by amateurs for small, specialized audiences. But the real ultimate in personalization may be a podcast for an audience of one -- you. That's the promise of Modcast, a technology developed by Florida-based Bind that enables a podcast listener to choose which segments of a show to hear, then have a customized audio file generated on the fly. Other companies, such as, are also experimenting with modcasting -- which suggests that customization may be a big wave in podcasting's future. TechReview

The Technorati of Podcasts: Two new search engines offer to do for podcasting what Technorati does for blogs by letting users search podcasts by keyword to single out audio that suits their interests. Podzinger and blinkx scour audio content for keywords by translating the audio into text and creating an index for quick searching. It's a significant step above traditional search engines that identify only keywords in a podcast's metadata, such as the headline and introductory notes describing the audio file's general content. Wired

There's a lot more video heading to Apple's new video iPods — from vintage shows to video-flavored podcasts. The video iPod is going to get even more use now. The video iPod is going to get even more use now. On Wednesday, San Diego-based start-up Veoh will announce plans to offer 3,000 different video shows for download for free. Mostly in the public domain, they include shorts of The Three Stooges and Superman and Batman cartoons from the 1930s. USA Today

Indie Podcasting - Banding Together: Business Week

Interesting times indeed. Which reminds me, I have to get back to editing my latest podcast (nostatic). Well, after I finish a grant proposal...*sigh*.

Submitted by todd on November 30, 2005 - 11:27am