From September 2005 to June 2006 a team of thirteen scholars at the The University of Southern California's Annenberg Center for Communication explored how new and maturing networking technologies are transforming the way in which we interact with content, media sources, other individuals and groups, and the world that surrounds us.

This site documents the process and the results.

tactical media

tactical media

Tactical media refers to media activism that draws on forms of old and new communication technologies and practices to achieve non-commercial and usually subversive aims. It is often associated with Next 5 Minutes conferences held every 3 years in the Netherlands. Tactical media activists use mobility and flexibility to create diverse responses to changing contexts, for example, reproducing and recombining information and media, mixing physical productions such as street happenings and public art with parodies of corporate and government communication products, borrowing language and formats to recast business and political messages.

future shock

The future mashups were produced by netpublics. More info soon...

Pigeons Will Blog About Pollution

Slashdot carries a story today about a project by UC-Irvine's Beatriz da Costa in which cellphone and GPS bearing pigeons (...just how much cargo can a pigeon haul into the sky?...) will report back about the pollution they encounter.

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Hive Networks and Emergence

At the World Summit on Free Information Infrastructures, Community wireless network activist, Julian Priest (of, and author of the seminal State of Wireless Networking in London) speaks here (in the attached Quicktime movie) about Alexi Blinov's project Hive Network in which he has modified an off-the-shelf ASUS, Linux access point to become a stand alone streaming media device, capable of organizing with other sich devices into authomous ad-hoc networks.

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